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Wildlife Management

Since Giles Island was purchased by F. Speed Bancroft in 1992, bronchi it has been a haven for wildlife.

The wildlife management and habitat at Giles Island are intensely monitored, updated, and enhanced on our 9,400 acres.

Nurturing the Natural Vegetation

The natural vegetation present on Giles Island is largely diverse and includes vines, grasses, mushrooms, weeds, legumes, aquatic vegetation, and trees. We periodically fertilize these natural sources of protein, which in turn increases the quality of our game and expands the carrying capacity of the land.

At Giles Island, we also provide approximately 175 acres of fall and winter food plots which sustain the deer herd through the winter. The plots also support turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, dove, and deer during the summer months. The food plots range from ¼ to 12 acres in size and contain wheat, oats, BioLogic clover, BioLogic rape, turnips, and mustards.

Food Sources for Wild Game

Giles Island is an ideal habitat for a variety of fruit, nut, and oak trees. In addition to the existing wild plum orchards, we have planted apple, peach and various others. Pecans and acorns are a great source of carbohydrates for all species of game during the winter. Giles Island is also home to a large sweet pecan crop every year. We have planted thousands of oak trees, including nutall, pin oak, water oak, shumardi, cherry bark, white oak, forked white oak, cow oak, live oak, and saw tooth.

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