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Antlers Lodge/Dining


At Giles Island, the view from the dining room takes a close second to being out in nature itself.

Giles Island Dining Room

Relax in the spacious Antlers Lodge kitchen and dining areas that can accommodate up to 25 people. Our meals are served buffet style and you will never go hungry at Giles Island.

Each morning, we serve a Continental Breakfast to prepare our guests for the hunt. After the morning excursion, a true Southern Breakfast is hot and ready. The feast includes pancakes, eggs, jalapeno cheese grits, ham, sausage, or bacon, country biscuits, hash browns, juice, milk, and coffee.

Our Lunch and Supper menus are the chef’s choice of a variety of hearty meats, vegetables, and desserts to whet your appetite. Before our evening meal is served, appetizers are available to allow time for each hunter to return for the evening. We also have snacks that are always available for guests to choose from. Please speak to us about concerns with your dietary needs, as we are always open to special requests.

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