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Alligator Hunting

Trophy Alligator hunts with a guaranteed opportunity for a 4-7 foot alligator.


Giles Island offers alligator hunts during September. Each hunter is guaranteed an opportunity for a 4-7 ft. gator. This is a TROPHY ALLIGATOR HUNT! We have many gators measuring over 10 feet, and we sell a limited number of hunts each year to maintain quality alligator hunting for many years to come.

A professional guide is mandatory to ensure safety and execute proper skinning and processing. Your guide will have all the necessary equipment for the hunt.

Alligator Hunting on Giles Island

Most alligator hunts on Giles Island are done from a large aluminum boat. Gators can be hunted during the day or night according to hunter preference and alligator behavioral patterns.

Mississippi rules for all alligator hunting require that the gator be captured before dispatched if the hunt is taking place at night. In other words, you must have a noose around the head, foot, or tail before you shoot him with a gun or bang stick. Capturing the gator is the exciting part of the hunt. You may use a bow or harpoon with a line and buoy attached but the most productive capture method is by rod and reel. We use deep sea rigs with 500 lb. test and a #10 weighted treble hook.

This is a true gator hunt. Set hooks are not allowed in Mississippi. We cruise the water with binoculars to spot the gator and on a typical day we will see 40-60 gators. Once we’ve spotted the gator of choice, we move in for the capture and begin casting the treble hook to snag the beast.

Now, hold on for the ride! The trick is to wear him down until he has little fight left in him. On a 10 foot plus gator, this will take 30-45 minutes. When we get him beside the boat, that’s when it really gets exciting. You never really know how much fight is left in him. Trying to get a noose around this beast is a hair-raising experience. Teeth are snapping, and the tail is thrashing. Water is going everywhere. After he is tied up to the side of the boat, one quick shot to the back of the head with a .410 shotgun does him in. Then you have a trophy of a lifetime!

On average, we will see more gators at night only because their eyes glow when shined with a spotlight. But the day time hunt is more enjoyable since the bugs aren’t as bad, and you can see what you’re doing a little better. Our gators have not been hunted until 2011, so they are not hard to find. Selling only a few hunts per year will provide little hunting pressure and ensure a quality hunt.

Gators were hunted for the first time in 2011. We will not tag and release any gators. This will only educate them and make it harder to capture the ones that have been released.

When the hunter says “that’s the one I want”, and we sink a hook into him then we will make every effort necessary to get him beside the boat for dispatch. The hunter can be involved in the hunt as much or as little as he/she wants. The guides are there to take the lead and make everything safe. All the equipment is provided by the guide. There will be a second guide in the boat to video your hunt and provide a copy for you to take home.

The hunter may bring along other people to share the experience. They can also assist in the hunt.

Alligator Hunting Guides

The guides will handle everything. Once the hunter pulls the trigger, their work is done. The guides will haul the beast to the camp and professionally skin and process your gator. We will provide expert advice on how to mount your gator. You may choose a full body mount or just tan the hide and mount the head. We can also recommend a taxidermist. The alligator meat belongs to the hunter, but you can donate it back to Giles Island. The choice is yours. It is very tasty!

When you book an alligator hunt with Giles Island, you are guaranteed one gator between 4-7 ft. However, we have many over 12 ft. It is your option on which size gator we capture. Additional trophy fees will apply for any gator over 7 ft. To give you an idea of how special this hunt is, a 10 ft. plus gator could be 40-80 years old. And we have a lot of gators over 10 ft. that have had minimal hunting pressure.


You can view our rates for Alligator Hunting on our Rates Page.

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