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Deer Hunting

Since Giles Island was first purchased in 1992, the land has been intensely managed with a single goal in mind: “To Produce Trophy Whitetail Bucks.”

Though we have succeeded in meeting our goal, we are constantly working to improve the potential for our whitetail herd.

At Giles Island, we have created the ideal scenario that most hunting clubs covet – we are shooting age class instead of a minimum number of points, spread, or score. As a result of our continuous work to enhance the herd, our buck-to-doe ratio at Giles Island has become better than one-to-one and our average score has improved from 120 to 145 inches.

Our average trophy bucks score in the mid-140’s, with our most impressive buck scoring over 248 inches. As we continue to enhance the environment and habitat for the deer herd at Giles Island, we adhere to a set of guidelines that protect our growing bucks until they reach maturity.

Shooter Buck Requirements

  • Bucks with 8 points or less must be at least 4 ½ years old.
  • Bucks with 9 points or more must be at least 5 ½ years old.
  • The exception for bow hunters is that any buck scoring 140 inches gross or greater is a legal shooter.

This is a mandatory fully guided hunt. Per each three-day hunt, each hunter has the opportunity to harvest one trophy buck and one management buck.


  • Trophy Buck – A buck that meets the shooter requirements and scores 125 inches or greater.
  • Management Buck – A buck that meets the shooter requirements and scores less than 125 inches.

Each deer hunt must be fully guided as the guides will instruct you on which bucks are legal to shoot. Your mandatory guide will also videotape your hunts.

A $5,000 fee will be assessed to any hunter that shoots a buck without the explicit permission from the guide. In the rare event that Giles Island is unable to provide a guide for every hunter,  a drawing will decide which hunter will go guideless for that session of the hunt. Here is the criteria for the guideless hunter shooter requirements:

Guideless Shooter Requirements

Bow Hunter

  • 8 point with a minimum 16″ inside spread
  • 9 point or more with a minimum score of 140 inches

Gun Hunter

  • 8 point with a minimum 16″ inside spread
  • 9 point or more with a minimum score of 160 inches

A $5000 fee will be assessed to the guideless hunter who kills a buck which does not meet these minimum requirements.

Stand Selections

Every morning and afternoon, the Giles Island guides choose the best stand locations based on the wind direction and previous deer sightings. The stands are then placed into a hat for a random drawing to determine the stand assignment for each hunter. The majority of the morning hunts take place in the woods, while most evening hunts occur on the food plots.

During bow-only hunts, the bow hunters are allowed to keep their stand location for the full three days, as long as the river level is low. We have a large choice of ladder, hang-on stands, or bow hunters may choose a climbing stand. Our guides take each hunter’s needs into consideration, and in certain situations, a ground blind may be more productive than a stand.

Walking around or stalk hunting is not allowed at Giles Island because we do not like to pressure our deer into functioning in a nocturnal mode. This method allows for plenty of deer sightings in some of the larger fields. In fact, reports of 75/100 deer in our large fields are common.

Double Book – Double Buck Policy

Anyone that books two 3-day hunts has the opportunity to harvest two trophy bucks. You may shoot one on each hunt, two on the first hunt, or two on the second hunt – shoot them while the hunting is good. The hunts do not have to be consecutive.

Example: if you book a bow hunt in October and a gun hunt in January, then you may shoot both your bucks with a bow in October or one with a gun and one with a bow in January. Also, if you happen to take both bucks in October, you can continue your hunt in January for a third buck, which will cost the price of the hunt only after you harvest him.

Rebook Policy

If a hunter does not kill a trophy buck, he/she may rebook for half price on any available dates within the same season. There are no guarantees that dates to rebook will be available.

Doe Harvest

Does can be shot one per person per hunt until the quota set by management is reached. We do not harvest does on or around our food plots.

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