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Hunting Awards

The Bowie Knife Award

Randy Pourciau

Randy Pourciau

We like to honor the deep history of Giles Island with a special award that is unique to only our hunting club. With our compliments, the gun hunter with the highest Boone & Crockett score over 170 B&C will receive what may become the most treasured award of trophy hunting – The Bowie Knife Award.

Giles Island is privileged to be the home of the famous ‘Sandbar Fight’ involving Jim Bowie himself. We are honored to present the winner of the Bowie Knife Award with an exact replica of the famous knife, inscribed with his or her name and the date, a perfect tribute to the sportsmanship and history of Giles Island.


The Giles Island Archery Award

As a complement to the Bowie Knife Award, we honor our top bow hunter with the Giles Island Archery Award. The bow hunter must reach the highest Pope and Young score over 150. The winner of the Giles Island Archery Award will receive a spectacular handcrafted bow made from bois d´arc wood harvested from the Island.

Bois d´arc, or ‘Wood of the Bow’ trees are a vital part of the rich horticulture of Giles Island. This durable, extremely strong wood was highly sought after by Native American Indians for making superior hunting weapons. Other names for the bois d´arc tree include Osage-Orange, or the Horse Apple Tree, as it is known to deer hunters.

Previous Giles Island Archery Award Winners

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